Why publish Wanted Grooms Ads in the Newspaper ?

Advertisements which are published in the newspaper with the purpose of finding the perfect match for the respective suitor falls under the Matrimonial section. It is one of the most popular categories to be advertised in the newspapers. Matrimonial ads are divided into two subgroups or sections namely Brides Wanted and Grooms Wanted. When prospective brides look for their suitable grooms, they place matrimonial advertisements under Wanted Grooms section. This section is further categorized based on caste preferences, language preferences, nationality preferences, profession and other characteristics. These specifications help receiving the most relevant responses by the advertisers. For most of the newspapers, the preferred release date for matrimonial ad is Sunday. A special feature is published in the classified section for all matrimonial advertisement in most of the newspapers.

What documents are needed ?

There is no specific document required for placing advertisements under Wanted Grooms section.

What is a recommended Ad format to follow ?

Sample ad under Wanted Groom section are as follows:
1. PQM4 beautiful kayastha girl, 25/5'6", B.Tech(CSE), Working in MNC Pune, 4LPA, Father Sr Class I Officer, Mob: 0000000000 ; Email: mail@mail.com.
2. SQM for Sarswat Brahmin Girl 28.7.93, 2.45 am, 5'-2" BTech, MBA, IT Professional Contact: 0000000000

Any Ad composing tips ?

1. Check the contact details in the ad text to get a response.
2. Provide preferred timing for communication (if any)
3. Ensure to mention the date of birth, time, place of birth, Manglik/ Non-Manglik and other astrological details for Kundli/ zodiac matching.
4. Mention age and height so that responses are received from relevant age bracket and physical specifications.
5. Share special preferences like divorcee, non-divorcee, separated, NRI, physical disabilities, medical conditions (if any)
6. Mention Religion, Caste, Community or No Caste Bar to ensure the right response from the required social background.
7. Mention Educational/ Professional qualification looking for, to get a suitable qualified match.
8. Enumerate the profession, occupation, salary, and place of residence to get appropriate responses from the desired lifestyle background.
9. There are certain abbreviations mainly for matrimonial ads which helps in reducing the number of characters while composing the ad matter likewise SM4 stands for Suitable Match, PQM stands for Professionally Qualified Match, NM stands for Non-Manglik, LPA stands for Lakh Per Annum, BHP stands for Bio Horoscope Picture, Wrkg stands for Working, Mglk stands for Manglik, B'ful stands for Beautiful.

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